Rubber motor winders £8.50




Using a geared winder to wind up a rubber motor that is used in rubber powered model aircraft will ensure that the flyer gets the best out of their model. A winder is essential when flying such models as the GYMINNIE CRICKET and BMFA FROG. A simple hand operated drill can be adapted to become a winder. However hand drills are cumbersome and heavy.

This specially manufactured winder gives 10 turns on the motor for each complete turn of the handle.

Also available is wooden stand for the winder, supplied as a kit of parts. £5.00

Pack of 40 Dart Rubber Motors £10.00

Pack of 35 Dart Propellers £14.00


The RED DART PROPELLER UNIT is used for both the dart kits and also the helicopter kits..

It is 13.8 cm in diameter. Weight 2.8g (0.099 oz)



Small PVA Glue (20g) £1.00






Rubber Lubricant £1.00

Lubrication of the rubber motor will extend its life and improve its performance. A drop of lubricant rubbed on the loop will help reduce damage to the rubber when it is twisted and will ensure that when the turns are released they do so smoothly.
It is essential that lubricant is only applied to made up motors(strip tied to make a loop) as any knots made in the motor will not hold if tied after lubrication.