Education Programme – Kits

The BMFA produce a range of kits suitable for use by teachers and others working with children. The kits are all inexpensive and simple to build. Follow the links below to download the brochure and order form.

The Model Kits Shown on the following pages have either been specially designed or sourced to be made by beginners especially in an education environment. To help you decide the best model for you a rating has been given to each kit. However if you have any particular questions you can always contact us.

 Ideal beginners model, easy to build. No modelling knife required.

 Harder to build, needs some technique. The use of a modelling knife is required.

Requires some experience and knowledge of building models

Requires more experience in building and a good grasp of building techniques.

This model is particularly suited to being built by a group.

Education Kits Brochure